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New Lineage 2 servers

will open today Interlude
x100 Interlude

will open tomorrow Interlude

will open this week High Five 18.10.19 x1 Interlude 18.10.19 x1k Interlude 18.10.19 x100 High Five 19.10.19 x100 Interlude 19.10.19 x10 Interlude 21.10.19 x10 Interlude 22.10.19 x53k Interlude 22.10.19 x1

already opened

Opened yesterday Interlude

Opened last week High Five 13.10.19 x50 Classic 12.10.19 x10 G.Crusade 12.10.19 x50 Interlude 12.10.19 x100 Interlude 12.10.19 x50k High Five 12.10.19 x100 Interlude 12.10.19 x10 G.Crusade 12.10.19 x777 Classic 11.10.19 x50 Interlude 11.10.19 x45 Interlude 11.10.19 x3 Interlude 11.10.19 x1k Interlude 11.10.19 x100 High Five 11.10.19 x100 Interlude 11.10.19 x3 Classic 11.10.19 x10 Interlude 10.10.19 x100k High Five 10.10.19 x1k Interlude 09.10.19 x9 Interlude 09.10.19 x200 Interlude 09.10.19 x100k Interlude 08.10.19 x50k High Five 08.10.19 x100 Interlude 08.10.19 x1k High Five 07.10.19 x10 Interlude 07.10.19 x100 Interlude 07.10.19 x50

opened more than a week ago Lindvior 06.10.19 x1k Interlude 06.10.19 x100 Interlude 05.10.19 x10 Interlude 05.10.19 x10k Interlude 05.10.19 x100k Interlude 05.10.19 x100 Interlude 05.10.19 x1k High Five 05.10.19 x15 Interlude 05.10.19 x10k High Five 05.10.19 x100 High Five 05.10.19 x6k Interlude 04.10.19 x1k High Five 04.10.19 x4 Interlude 04.10.19 x3 Interlude 04.10.19 x50k

New Lineage 2 servers announcements

Looking for new linage private server to start playing? It's a hard work to find a really long-lived and stable server. Thats why we created our site - its aim to help you find private server of your dream. Choose prefered chronicles and rates and you'll get full list of L2 private servers opening soon (or just today) and already opened a few weeks ago. This is really awesome, because you will start not on the old server, where all gamers have sublcasses, noblesses and over-enchatnted equipments, but you'll play under the same conditions with others. We offer all chronicles and rates, we have both classical servers and custom servers, as RvR or GvE.

Top list of new Lineage private servers opening soon

Our list contains all chronicles and rates, such mods as multiprof and others. Just choose chronile, rates and opening date to find server of your dream. Join it now!