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Paid services
  1. Add server to list

    To avoid spam and poor quality servers on our site, we decided to charge a 10$ fee for adding your server. You can add your server for free if you place our banner on your site.

  2. VIP status

    VIP status attracts more attention to your server and improves the click rate on your link. In addition, your server falls into the "VIP server" section. Interlude 18.10.19 x100
    • Week: 10$
    • Month: 30$
    • 6 month: 150$
    • Year: 250$

  3. PREMIUM status

    Placement in the "Premium Server" block above the main server list. In addition, your server falls into the "Premium Server" section. Total available 6 places to stay.

    • Week: 100$
    • Month: 300$
    • 6 month: 1500$
    • Year: 2500$

  4. Paid clans

    You can buy clans from us for playing on your server. In your account, you can view the full list of clans and invite to your L2 server. We act as a guarantor of the transaction between you and the clans and take % of the transaction.