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New Lineage 2 C4 servers

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opened more than a week ago C4 09.02.18 x1 C4 02.06.17 x10 C4 14.10.16 x45 C4 13.10.16 x45 C4 07.10.16 x45 C4 04.10.16 x45 C4 01.10.16 x45

Announcements of C4 servers

Ah, these good old C4s, they are not opening as many as we would like. A lot of players began to play with these chronicles. How much nostalgia in this phrase: L2 C4. When, apart from the low rate servers, there was nothing, and the lineup servers could be counted on the fingers. New servers were opened once a year, and we played for years on one server. And now you can return to those good times, picking yourself up among the announcements to your liking.

New C4 servers - a step towards nostalgia

Why do we love these chronicles so much? Maybe because they are saturated with the spirit of the classic line, when every achievement in the game was given in blood and then, when every percentage of experience deflated is the path to glory. In modern updates, this is not. This is the beauty of L2 freechards - they can play your favorite chronicles when this casual madness happens on official servers!