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Opened last week Classic 12.10.19 x10 Classic 11.10.19 x10 Classic 11.10.19 x50
opened more than a week ago Classic 04.10.19 x5 Classic 27.09.19 x500 Classic 18.09.19 x15 Classic 23.08.19 x10 Classic 26.07.19 x30 Classic 12.07.19 x0 Classic 21.06.19 x25 Classic 24.05.19 x15 Classic 08.03.19 x10 Classic 14.02.19 x1 Classic 13.02.19 x1 Classic 07.02.19 x1 Classic 04.02.19 x1 Classic 01.02.19 x1 Classic 03.01.19 x10

Announcements of Lineage II Classic

For a long-term game, we recommend a low-rate classic server, if you want to quickly develop a sea of ​​PvP, then the PvP server L2 classic is your choice! For lovers of craft, we have a special section - craft server

What is the L2 Classic: an old-fashioned lineage or an unsuccessful attempt to return the old days?

The most popular chronicles at the moment are L2 classic. All that for which we fell in love with Lineage 2, from where it all began - all this in the classic version. It is impossible to say with confidence that this is a complete copy of the old L2, rather the developers took all the best (in their opinion), which at one time made the lineup so popular. But there are some changes in the gameplay: for example, the attribute system migrated from the latest updates, and the manor was abandoned altogether. Lineage 2 Classic is a legendary hardcore in a modern and enjoyable engine. All current announcements of Classic servers, as well as interesting articles, reviews and guides on this update on our website.

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Need to find a new Line 2 Classic server and don’t feel like looking for a long time? Come in, we update our database daily, collecting only the most juicy and fresh discoveries. Pick up a classic freeshard by rates and opening date.