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Lineage 2 Gracia Plus (Epiloque) - announcements of new servers and a description of the chronicles

If you are going to play on the new L2 epilogue server, then you need to prepare and remember the main points of these chronicles.

A new location (instance) has appeared - the Edge of Reality for players above level 80. Also changed the old location. In-game mail: now you can send not only letters, but also packages to other players: items, money, just messages and with the option of cash on delivery. New items: in l2 Gracia Epiloque the system for dividing raincoats into character classes (heavy, light, magic) was abolished and new belts of ranks A and S were added. New skills: a holiday has come for the healers - now they can take the skills of other healing professions. The chain of quests “Seven Seals” has increased. Many previous quests also became different.