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Announcements of the new Lineage 2 Gracia Final servers

On this page is a complete list of the new and already opened North L2 finals, which you can sort by rates and opening date. We have collected for you the most relevant discoveries of these chronicles in recent times from all over the CIS and European countries. Just click on the server you need and you will go to the project website where you can get complete information, as well as answers to all questions.

A Little About L2 Graces Final

This is one of the last parts of the global Gracia update to be installed on official servers: Part 1, Part 2, Final and Plus (Epilogue). In this onion, a new continent appeared - Grace, located in the west. But you could get on it only on a flying ship. In this part, he was just a means of transportation, but in the subsequent parts they promised to introduce full-fledged air battles (which I can’t remember). Cloaks and belts were added, the 11th level of clans and territorial battles, as well as many changes in the mechanics of skills and the sharpening of these skills. Over 30 new quests have become available for both low levels and high level. In general terms, this has become one of the biggest updates to the game in the last 5 years. Although the spirit of the good old L2 is present in these chronicles, a tendency toward simplification and a passion for instances, rather than open locations, are increasingly being observed.