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New Lineage 2 High Five servers

will open this week High Five 18.10.19 x1 High Five 19.10.19 x100

already opened

Opened last week High Five 13.10.19 x50 High Five 12.10.19 x100 High Five 11.10.19 x100 High Five 10.10.19 x1k High Five 08.10.19 x100 High Five 07.10.19 x10
opened more than a week ago High Five 05.10.19 x6k High Five 05.10.19 x15 High Five 05.10.19 x100 High Five 04.10.19 x50 High Five 04.10.19 x0 High Five 04.10.19 x4 High Five 04.10.19 x1k High Five 04.10.19 x3 High Five 02.10.19 x300 High Five 27.09.19 x7 High Five 26.09.19 x300 High Five 26.09.19 x300 High Five 22.09.19 x50 High Five 21.09.19 x50 High Five 18.09.19 x15

About High Five Chronicles

The second after the interlude on the popularity of the chronicle is L2 HF. Most players consider these chronicles the middle ground between hardcore and casual. It was in high-fidelity that they decided to move away from the classic line in the direction of more modern MMORPGs and this became the point after which the L2 community broke up into 2 warring camps: connoisseurs of classics and supporters of more modern MMOs. In this section you can find new L2 high five servers and sort them by rates and opening date. New L2 servers with this update open often enough, so do not rush and rush to the first project that comes across.

Lineage II High Five announcements

The most popular ones are the low-rate server L2 hf, but for PvP lovers, PvP hi-fi servers often open. For connoisseurs of craft, we have a special section - craft server. Here are all the servers that will open soon or have already opened, which can be conveniently sorted and checked for playability.

All new L2 High Five servers in one place!

The new L2 High Five server is not at all difficult to find! Our database (which we update daily) has a huge number of servers with these chronicles. Come and pick to your taste according to rates and opening date.