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New servers L2 Interlude

If you are looking for a new IL server, then you are exactly where you need it! The page shows the announcements of the L2 servers that will open in the near future or have already opened not so long ago. It remains only to choose the rates and the opening date. With us you do not miss the most interesting starts today, tomorrow or next week.

If you are looking for a server for the game for many months to come, then look at the low rate server interlude, if you need a fast fan, then the PvP server Interlude is your choice! For lovers of crafting, we have a special section - craft server il.

Announcements Lineage II Interlude

Interlude has opened a new chapter in the development of a game called Saga 2: The Chaotic Throne. Before that, if we remember, there were Chronicle of Chaos (C1-C6, etc.). On EU servers, this update was installed already back in 2007, but so far it is one of the most beloved chronicles among fans of L2. New L2 interlude servers are opened precisely thanks to this huge army of IL fans. This part is characterized by moderate hardcore and crazy fan, so many players opt for it. L2 interlude tested by time and players! Someone habitually calls these chronicles C6, but this is not entirely correct, or rather CT1.

Major update changes
Over 60 new skills have been added to the game, mostly for high levels. Some old skills were also replaced, refined, and redesigned. There were completely new skills with unique mechanics for L2: working on the area, so the dome. With the help of 1-3 allies, the character could establish a dome that was not tied to some specific target, but only to the location in space. In the range of the dome, effects were applied to other characters or damage was applied that disappeared when leaving the range of the dome. Conventionally, domes can be divided into several types:

  • damage;
  • the dome debuff (Doomsday is the only one of its kind used by the Soul Eater);
  • dome buff;
  • others.

Lineage 2 Interlude also added new items, masks, jewelry. A shadow weapon appeared, which after a while it disappeared and could not be improved, but it costs several times cheaper than the original. Changes also affected weapons. Now, thanks to special Life Stones, it has become possible to obtain additional effects and stats. After a successful enchantment, you will be able to get additional characteristics: plus CP, MP, HP, basic power parameters, as well as passive and active skills. An interesting feature of an enchanted weapon was that it could not be transferred, sold, or dropped until the enchantment, regardless of level and quality, was removed from the weapon. In addition, the enchanted weapons could acquire a beautiful glow of blue or yellow shades, which gave the owner a unique and prestigious look. Stones of life could be obtained from monsters from around the world, a greater chance of their falling met on the territory of the Primeval Island introduced in this version of the game.

When hunting for monsters, the Cursed Weapons sometimes appeared:

  • Blood Sword Akamanah
  • Demonic Sword Zarich

The character who selected this weapon automatically acquired the status of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was excluded from the group, it can not be healed or cast positive spells. In return, the wearer of the damned blades received truly demonic power, being able to single-handedly kill crowds of enemies or hunt Raid Bosses.

Another nice innovation of Lineage 2 Interlude was a system of duels between characters. This significantly changed the attitude of players to PvP, made it easier to learn the principles of battle. Dueling, unlike a regular PvP battle, was not so dangerous, since the character did not die even when he lost, but remained with a small number of health units.